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Chuck D Recently Took The Role As Model For Naked Suits


The iconic emcee took his career in a different step as he assisted in the branding of a Bay area-based suit company.

Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D has been included in new campaigns for San Francisco, California-based Naked Suits. The iconic emcee, author and radio host made the agreement just days ago.

“We believe that in today’s age, people are demanding both aesthetics and performance in everything from smart-phones to apparel. Naked Suits are for guys for whom high-performance is a way of life, from their athletic to their professional endeavors.”

Chuck D is just the person to bring light to the new brand. He has had a great impact on the music and technology world with his ideas of innovation. The Own The Moment campaign is meant to inspire people toward living that idea.

The shoot was done in Los Angeles. “Once we break into 2012 we will release more of Chuck in this shoot. We are honored to have him on deck,” said Adisa Banjoko, the company’s brand manager.

Public Enemy is said to be recording a new album.

Photo Credit:methinksmedia.net

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