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Hugh Hefner Convinced Lindsay To Pose Completely Nude


Hugh Hefner isn’t successful just because he got lucky!(no pun intended!)

Time and time again he has been able to convince both models and celebrities to appear on a photo spread for his magazine Playboy completely nude. It was no different when he recruited singer/actress Lindsay Lohan to appear on his well-known magazine. He recently revealed how he got Lindsay Lohan to pose nude for her much publicized Playboy shoot.

Apparently Heff told Lohan that her birthday suit pictures would be done in good taste, drawing on the star’s love for Marilyn Monroe to entice her. That, and the fact that he offered her one-million dollars to pose for the shoot.

During the interview Hugh talked about how Lindsay’s mother initially objected to the idea of LiLo posing completely nude. Lindsay’s camp believed that less would be more in the case of this photo shoot. However, Heff always gets his way!

Putting his foot down, Hef told Lohan and co. that “We’re doing a nude pictorial here and we’re going to do it in a very classy way, and we’re going to do it in a way in which it will not be forgotten.”

You have to wonder as to how many girls Heff has made this exact sales pitch to? Regardless, though it seems that Playboy got their money’s worth because the issue is selling out all across the country. Could it be that America has picked up interest on Lindsay once again?

Photo Credit:currentcelebritygossip.info

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