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Uncle Sam Sues MC Hammer For $800K In Back Taxes


One thing most artists need to understand is that the IRS does not discriminate nor do ever forget who owes them money.

15 years ago, MC Hammer filed for bankruptcy, but the ’90s hip hop superstar isn’t off the hook yet. In a lawsuit recently filed by the U.S. government, Uncle Sam is seeking $779,585 in unpaid taxes from.

The money was originally owed in 1996 and 1997, shortly after MC Hammer filed for bankruptcy after accruing $13 million in debt. The government did not forget about the massive tax bill, and is now asking that any concert money Hammer earns be funneled directly into U.S. coffers, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

Hammer, born Stanley Burrell, reemerged into the scene last year thanks to his beef with Jay-Z. Hammer took offense to Jay’s line on the Kanye West song, “So Appalled” where Hov rapped, “I lost 30 mil, so I spent another 30, cause unlike Hammer, thirty million can’t hurt me.”

However, a battle against the IRS is one that he will surely come up short in.

Photo Credit:it-networks.org

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