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Drake Gives His Insight On Rihanna And Nicki Minaj


Drake recently gave his two cents about how Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are both “icons.”

The Canadian rapper has collaborated with both artists. He worked with Nicki on his latest single, Make Me Proud, and collaborated with Rihanna on her hit What’s My Name and his album’s title track Take Care.

‘I really wanted to bring her [Rihanna] into our world, but still allow her to be herself,’ he explained in an interview with Rap-Up.

‘I think she really shines bright. She comes from a place that’s so rich in culture, so rich in music, but being the most iconic female period right now – next to Nicki Minaj, of course. [Nicki is] just doing incredible, she’s my favorite person.’

Drake also touched base on how he wants wants his fans to understand everything about him through his personal lyrics.

‘I want people to really feel like I knew Drake while he was on this Earth,’ he said.

‘I know everything about him. There were no secrets, there was nothing that he hid, no feelings that he concealed. In five years, hopefully I have a couple more projects out that surpass Take Care, but I would like for them to say I remember that moment when I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen and Drake delivered an album that served a purpose in my life.’

Photo Credit: prettymuchamazing.com

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