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Amy Winehouse Unreleased Songs Will Stay Under Lock And Key

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News just broke out that Amy Winehouse’s fans will not have the chance to hear a dozen unreleased songs the singer recorded before her death.

Island Records UK have announced that they will definitely not release the twelve previously unheard tracks to the public.

Label head Ted Cockle and Island executive Darcus Beese are fans of these tracks and appreciate the artistic level of them.

“Everyone who hears [Amy's unreleased song] Procrastinate loves it,’ Ted said.

“If you ever hear Procrastinate, you have my permission to come into my offices here in Kensington and fire me,’ Darcus added.

Both insist that although they love the tracks, it would be difficult to get approval from Amy’s family and overseers of her estate to publish the music.

Darcus believes that Amy would have wanted her fans to hear these songs.

“‘I f**king wrote the songs. People should f**king hear them’. That’s what she’d tell you if she was sat here now,’ Darcus mentioned.

Amy’s posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures, which is scheduled for release this December, was a challenge to compile and publish. The executives claim they simply did not get any support from her loved ones.

“We’ve had to qualify this album in front of Amy’s family. Her mum, her dad, her brother – that’s her very vocal, protective brother – plus fiances, step fathers and more,’ Darcus explained.

At the end of the day we have to respect the decision of the family involved however, did Amy really mean for these tracks to leak out to the public or were they for a more personal collection that she was compiling?

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