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Yelawolf Touches Up On The Diversity Of His Fans And Inking His Music


In a recent interview Yelawolf welcomed the diversity of his fans and added that all the energy he puts on paper gives him a sense of therapy.

During an interview with Ruby Hornet, Yealwolf took time before his Chicago show to speak on translating his music to paper, the diversity of his fans, and more.

Yelawolf states that it took some time for him to be able to put the energy in his music on paper, but now that he’s mastered that process it’s actually somewhat therapeutic for him.

“Now I’ve grown to understand how to make that energy translate onto paper, and from the paper into a song, it’s even more therapeutic cause I spend less time trying to do something, trying to do something just for the sake of getting noticed,” Yelawolf explained.

“Now I’m writing records. It’s like an exhale, ‘ok, I got their attention, time to write songs.’ Time to write great songs. And that was the focus on Radioactive.”

Yelawolf also touched up on the diversity of his fans and their ability to recognize everything from Outkast to Metallica to The Doors.

“Tonight, you’ll see some kids out in the crowd completely tatted up, mohawks, they might be rocking a Pantera t-shirt or something, then you’ll see a kid with a Wiz Khalifa shirt,” said Yelawolf.

“You’ll see some young suburban kids, and you’ll see some kids from the hood. It’s very diverse, but the connection that is made with the dedication part of the show is crucial because it lets all of them know, I’m a fan for one, two we all grew up on the same shit.”

I think Yelawolf is one of the most versatile artists there is right now simply because of the fact that he has the ability to connect with so many fans on a different level. You can’t really just classify him as hip hop because he can really adjust his flow to pretty much any genre.

Yelawolf: Work Pays from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

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