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Diddy And Diaz Hooking Up


A recent report states that Diddy is Cameron Diaz’s “booty call.”

The actress and the music mogul have been spotted spending a lot of quality time together over the past few weeks.

Cameron Diaz just got out of a rocky relationship with Alex Rodriguez earlier this year, but she hasn’t been wondering around waiting for someone to come knocking at her door.

Diddy and Cameron have been on-off since 2008. But lately it’s been more on rather than off.

“Since then, when she”s single, she”ll booty call him,” an insider told US Weekly.

Reps for both stars say that the pair are “just friends” and have been meeting to discuss a possible comedy film project.

However, actions speak louder than words and the pair have been very friendly as of lately.

On October 24 Cameron and Diddy were sat in a booth at New York’s Catch restaurant and then two weeks later at lunch in Scarpetta, Beverly Hills.

The pair looked “inseparable they had their hands all over each other,” an eyewitness said.

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