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Rihanna’s Health Still In Question

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Rihanna cancelled a second show recently as her health and her as her health does not seem to be improving.

The 23-year-old singer was forced to call off a show in Sweden earlier this week due to illness. Rihanna exhibited flu-like symptoms and was rushed to hospital where she was put on an IV drip.

The star was forced to cancel another performance on Wednesday.

“It was due to fatigue again,” Live Nation Sweden spokesman Kristofer Akesson told Us Weekly.

“It was a very difficult decision to make at the last moment, but Rihanna’s health was really deteriorating. She was very disappointed and it was a decision we didn’t want to make.”

Rihanna was advised by doctors to take some time off from the stage.

“She was so ill,” a source told the magazine. “She could barely stand up. She was pushing herself to do the show, but she couldn’t do it in the end.”

The singer’s medical team wanted her to stay in bed.

“[Her doctors] told her it would be stupid to try and do the show, that she would be putting her health at serious risk,” the source explained.

Ticket holders for the concerts will be offered refunds and show organizers are planning to reschedule the two cancelled shows.

Rihanna is currently recuperating in her hotel.

It’s so weird that an epidemic is going around with artists getting sick all of a sudden. We all know Rick Ross recently suffered from two seizures, who else is next?

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