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50 Cent Clarifies “Love, Hate, Love” Line Aimed At Weezy


50 says that he has no beef with Weezy but was pointing out new choice for apperal.

On his recent freestyle “ Love, Hate, Love” 50 Cent raps, “Confused, acting like a white boy bored / Now you want to jump a flight of stairs on a skate board / N!gga why the fuck your pants so tight / You trying to show niggas your ass, your alternative life.”

Many believed that the lines were directed towards Weezy, an accusation that 50 was quick to dismiss.

50 explained that he has no ill will towards Weezy, and while he was referencing his actions, he wasn’t trying to start any beef.

“You know, that’s the thing. I was just in Las Vegas, I was performing this thing with Mountain Dew and NBC. I did kind of do that, I did write the Lil Wayne line on the actual song,” he said.

“But when I got an issue, there’s clarity in it. I don’t really do subliminal.

“I made the reference to his actions,” he continued. “Within Hip Hop culture, I’m watching the artist attempting to be like the audience in order to gain the audience, instead of just letting them come to us. That’s even why the urban apparel business is going away, because they dress like they’re skateboarders. If you wearing skinny jeans, that’s their culture. That’s something a skateboarder would wear.”

“I don’t have a problem with Weezy.”

So he did call out Lil Wayne on the skinny jeans, but it wasn’t meant for it to cause any bad blood between them.

Hmmmmm…..I guess 50 just calls it as he sees it!

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