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DMX Has Evidently Been Taking Spanish Classes!


Dmx spits a freestyle and polishes it up with a bit of Spanish.

Many of us have been wondering where has DMX been lately and what has he really been up to?

Well we think we might have stumbled across the answer when we came across this video.

At first you can see DMX gets caught off guard with the beat when he says “whoa that sh*t hot!”

Then he appearently cramps up as he tries to find his flow on the beat.  After a couple of seconds of regaining his composure he finally spits a freestyle.

“If you in them Hayabusa’s light them cars up/Vatos’ Loco’s man we are nuts!   You know that’s us/ man we tear shit up!”

Not bad but not great either, I do however give him credit for trying. That beat in the background though, is just pure nastiness, I’d like to see a solid verse on this track and see where it goes from there.

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