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Beyonce has proven that even with a baby on the way she can still stay on top of her A game!

Many people have come to recognize that Beyonce can bring a music video to life with her “bootylicous” assets. However, in this video she has proven that her talents exceed far beyond her booty shaking skills.

Beyonce’s new video brings a mixture of class, devotion and talent. You will come to find that this video is not your normal Beyonce expected video, but it still proves to be a contender among other videos. At one point during the video she even makes some intriguing facial gestures that leave you wondering exactly where the video will take you to next.

The choreography for the video was fast paced and Beyonce was able to keep up with every step of the way. She proves to everyone that hard work comes natural for an artist of her caliber and we recognize her dedication to her music.

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