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What Have We Done To Our Children’s Youth?


We recently came about a Nicki Minaj cover song video of “Super Bass” and were surprised to see every word of the song recited on point by a young girl.[Video Included]

Sophia Grace Brownlee was able to hit every word of the song on point and not only that but the girl has a voice!

The one thing that I did find a bit disturbing was the fact that the song is a bit too mature for a girl that is so young.  Everyone knows that Nicki comes up with some over the top songs with punch lines that has a grown man saying “What?!”

So why would you even have a girl that is so young listen to any of her songs?

We can’t blame Nicki for any of this, after all she is just an artist who is trying to stay ahead of the game with her flirtatious punch lines and unexpected dialogue.

Parents need to step up and do a better job of supervising what their children are listening to now a day’s. I mean what ever happened to a young girl singing   “The itsy bitsy spider” or “The wheels on the bus go round and round?”

We are letting kids idolize all the wrong people at such a young age and I fear that this will bring great consequences in their near future. And parents won’t be able to blame anyone but themselves!

Like I said before though, the young girl does have talent and here is the video to prove it.

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