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Jay-Z Brushes Off Lil Wayne’s Diss Track


Jigga calls Lil Wayne’s diss track a part of “the sport,” adding that it’s part of “Rap music.”

When Tha Carter IV dropped, it seemed a feud was brewing amidst Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Weezy took a shot at Jay-Z and Beyonce in what seemed to be retaliation for a line made by Jay-Z on a previous track.

During a recent fundraising event for his foundation, Jay-Z avoided “negative” discussions about beef, only adding a bit of his take on the war of words.

That’s sport, that’s Rap music,” Jay said ”Nothing is going to change but the participants. I don’t even see why that’s news.”

This stems from Jay-Z’s “baby money” line that was taken as “Baby money.”

I’m like, ‘Really, half-a-billi?’ N*gga, really, you got Baby money/ Keep it real with n*ggas, n*ggas ain’t got my lady money.”

To this, Wayne responded with a line off “It’s Good”

Talkin’ bout Baby money? I got your baby money/ Kidnap your b*tch, get that how-much-you-love-your-lady money.”

Wayne has also downplayed the talk, saying he knows no harm will come from this to either party.

I’m glad to see both artists are still holding such a positive attitude about each other’s diss tracks. Who can blame them it’s so hard to get sales going know a days. You literally have to promote yourself or make some waves to get noticed.

And we all know that controversy sells, but just for the fun of it I would like to say that my money is on Jay anytime to come out as the victor.

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