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T.I. Sets Diddy Straight For Throwing A Non-Cîroc Drink At A Fan


T.I. Check Diddy!

The BET Hip hop Awards went off without an incident; Young Jeezy brought out T.I. who made his first on stage appearance since his release from the halfway house and LL Cool J received the IAMHIPHOP award.

However, the same cannot be said about the after party that was hosted by Diddy and T.I. at Atlanta’s club Compound

The beef started after Diddy began to degrade a fan for drinking Grey Goose. He slapped the drink out of his hand and went on to call him out for not drinking his commercial Cîroc brand, for which Diddy gets million from every year.

Regardless, of who Diddy thinks he can push around, the fan was not having any of it and was quick to try and get in Diddy’s face. Diddy being the ever so “tough guy” stood and hid behind his security while continuing his onslaught with words through the microphone.

The incident escalated as Diddy’s crew and the fan were preparing for a brawl. T.I quickly requested the mic in an attempt to calm things and at the same time gave Diddy a piece of his mind.

T.I. cleared the air and told everyone “I aint with none of the Buck sh*t, I’ll get the F**k up out this b**ch and let ya’ll handle it” and he continues, ”I’d done enough time.

He also scorned Diddy and let him know that he has “too much money” to be behaving this way and that people are free to consume whatever the like.

T.I. went about the whole ordeal in a very business/mature manner and you can’t help but respect that from him. After all he is right, he’s done enough time already and he’s not willing to go back any time soon.

However, Diddy always manages to get in trouble and someone always ends up taking the fall for him. I think T.I. has got to be the first that person that puts his foot down to Diddy and calls him on his immaturity.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I can’t wait to see what else T.I. brings to the Hip Hop scene.

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