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Jay Z Believes Weed Is Watering Down Hip Hop


Jay Z speaks his mind!

Jay Z has been in the music game for almost two decades now, and has been one of the few music moguls to turn business man and outlast the competition.

Recently Jay Z spoke on his thoughts about the influence that weed has brought into the music industry.

Jay Z believes the hip hop genre today has become “more mellow” because some of his peers are smoking marijuana.

“Public Enemy were a great force in the 80s. Chuck D was a powerful speaker and a great thinker. The intensity of life on the street in the 80s is right there in that mix. Hip hop sounds get mellower in the 90s, when people started smoking more weed,” he said.

Jay Z also admits that movies have been a huge influence on his music as they helped him make sense of the crime-ridden area of New York he grew up in.

“One of the ways you deal with your surroundings is almost to imagine you are in a drama on the big screen. It sounds crazy but it can help you survive to see yourself in terms of a story.”

“You could write a whole book on what hip hop has taken from The Godfather and Scarface and all those gangster films.”

I have to agree with Jay-Z on this one. Music was once highly considered as a respected art of rhythmic poetry. However, now it seems that most artists out there just try to rap about whatever comes there way with no real back story or message to it.

And worst of all they’re barely putting ABC rhymes together. Jay Z hit a homerun to all the mainstream rappers out there who are slacking on the music game.

Step your bars up! There are plenty of young, hungry lyricists waiting to take that spot.

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