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SHOCKING Video Stage Collapse at Indiana State Fair, Fluke Or No Fluke? Details


Photo of Indiana State Fair stage collapse picture
Shocking video of the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana, that killed a reported five people and injured dozens others, has many questioning what happened. Saturday night, the massive stage at the Indiana State Fair collapsed following a performance by singer Sara Bareilles with country group Sugarland set to take the stage next.

Reportedly, someone had took to the stage to warn the concert-goers that severe weather had been reported that may cause an interruption in the show – this was reportedly just less than 5 minutes before the stage collapsed.

A huge gust of wind came out of nowhere in split seconds, according to reports, collapsing the massive stage at the Indiana State Fair sending the 100′s of concert-goers panicking as all the scaffolding, speakers an entire stage came crashing down

The whole incident was caught on video tape!

Now there are those who want answers and, according to Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana, it was a “fluke event” — the gust of wind collapsing the stage at the Indiana State Fair, killing 5 people.

However, Weather Channel and experts have others saying that this is something, following multiple reports of thunderstorms and severe wind and weather, that may should have alerted officials and organizers of the event to evacuate people, even with the reports of lightning alone.

So is Governor Mitch Daniels right, was the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair just a fluke, or not?

Weather is serious and so are weather reports — but who or what can determine after such as tragic event?

Watch the SHOCKING Video of the Stage Collapse at Indiana State Fair on HipHopRX.com below:

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