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Caught on Tape: Fan Snaps On Terrell Owens For Denying Photo, Slanging N-word & more!


A male fan or should we say groupie got all angry with NFL star Terrell “T.O.” Owens when he allegedly denied him a photo opportunity. According to the NFL player, he was just taking pictures with the ladies which he told the male groupie plain and simple.

Now what did he say that for? The fan just snapped and began to curse Terrell Owens out who was sitting on his roadster (three wheeled motorcycle) and enjoying the women. The whole incident was all captured on video tape!

The women seemed to have stayed in a chill mode with him as the finger-pointing male seemed to try his best to ‘p him off’ while holding up what seems to have been a gang sign. Good, that T.O. maintained his composure all during the entire incident.

Luckily a young woman holding the camera captured the unknown male as he yelled at him which was released by TMZ. “You little b-tch, Terrell Owens is a lil b-tch,” the male yelled as a woman said he (Terrell Owens) is still sexy.

The male continued on with “you b-tch a– n-gga, you stupid and dumb a– n-gga and you probably —- on the low” as an un-phased Terrell Owens lets his ranting go on while driving slowly off the pavement into the streets on his bumble bee roadster.

Even as T.O. started driving down the street, the male didn’t let it go. The ladies love him and it seems some men loves him too — or is loves to hate him too.

Watch the video on HipHopRX.com of a Terrell Owens fan snapping on him, slanging N-Word and more!

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