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Who Killed Caylee? Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty in Daughter’s Murder Trial


Picture of Casey Anthony mugshot photo
Casey Anthony, 25, mother of murdered 2 year-old Caylee Marie Anthony – who’s death had America fixated for over three years – was found not guilty on Tuesday of killing her daughter. Casey was criticized highly by the public for not showing much “heart” at the disappearance of her daughter back in 2008, but now is under the public’s scrutiny after the court jurors found her “not guilty” on Tuesday (July 5, 2011).

Defense for Casey Anthony, claimed that little Caylee’s body, which was discovered on December 11, 2008 too badly decomposed to pinpoint even a cause of death, was actually drowned by accident in the family swimming pool but then “only” concealed by a panicked grandfather, George Anthony, and Ms. Anthony.

Casey obviously did not report right away her daughter’s death, so Caylee Marie, whom was last seen on June 16, 2008 was found badly decomposed six months later in a wooded area near the Anthony home.

Now, in the murder trial of 2 year-old Caylee Marie Anthony, after nearly six weeks of testimony, a jury of seven women and five men decided that Casey Anthony was not guilty of murdering her daughter but only of providing false information to law enforcement officers.

The jury, reportedly, didn’t ask to review any evidence.

If convicted of murder, Ms Anthony faced a possible death sentence for the murder of daughter Caylee Marie.

The case has sparked a worldwide conversation of debate over the internet and social networking sites.

Picture of Casey Anthony mugshot photo

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