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Woman Cites Lil Wayne Recording Session as Site of Sexual Assault


A woman is stating that she was sexually assaulted during a recording session where Lil Wayne recording his lyrics to a song.

Let me start by saying “I wasn’t even there” — Lil Wayne. The alleged victim was hired as a catering assistant for a pre-grammy party at a producer Noel “Detail” Fisher home.

Allegedly, Detail was whom held the victim against her will and sexually assaulted her.

Lil Wayne had been there earlier that night, laying down tracks at the house which doubled as a studio which is obviously how his name came into play.

According to the victim, she had to fight off Detail to escape and went straight to the police. She was questioned at the hospital where she also submitted a rape kit.

The investigation is still ongoing and Lil Weezy is reported to be in the clear.

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