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Vanessa Hudgens ‘Sad’ At New Nude Pictures; Kissing Friend Alexa Nikolas


Photo of  Vanessa Hudgens in Bikini
More nude photos have leaked online of Vanessa Hudgens and again, like last time, they are nude pictures of the actress and singer before she was of legal age — 18.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens seems to be the topic of several nude photo scandals in the last few years. Now she is in the public eye again for the same thing.

A topless and bikini photo of Vanessa was leaked on the internet of her kissing another female actress, Alexa Nikolas. According to the actress, the photo was taken years ago.

Vanessa and her lawyers are working with police to find the person(s) responsible for leaking the naked photos.

Vanessa says that she wishes that people would learn from her mistakes. She does not understand why someone wants to keep running her name through the dirt by releasing things she has done so many years ago.

Vanessa also said to Allure magazine its aggravating that people ask her to do nude films and think she is automatically willing because of her nude pictures leaked on the internet.

Maybe this will be the last of the scandalous nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens.

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