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A Koons Pink Panther Sculpture Could Sell For 30 Million Dollars?!


A Pink Panther sculpture by artist Jeff Koons is expected to sell for $30 million in auction. Yes! $30 million for a sculpture of Pink Panther!

Artist Jeff Koons is well known for many of his pieces but one of the most well known is now his Pink Panther sculpture.

The sculpture features a nearly nude blonde grasping a Pink Panther toy. Only three other Pink Panther sculptures exist. The other sculptures are located in the Museum of Modern Art, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art and a private U.S collection.

The piece is supposed to go up for auction on May 10 at the Sothbey’s Contemporary Art auction.

Only one living artist has topped the selling price for a piece at an auction. Lucian Freud holds the record for his piece “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping,” which sold for $33.6 million in the spring of 2008.

The Pink Panther sculpture is part of the ‘Banality’ series by Koons which includes pieces such as “Michael Jackson and Bubbles,” “Bear and Policeman” and “Ushering in Banality.”

This is not the first auction that Koons’ work was featured in. His piece “Balloon Flower (Magenta)” was sold at the Sothbey’s auction in June 2008 for $25.7 million.

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