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A Field of Money Found in Ohio, But Who’s Money Is It?


Several thousands of dollars of cash were found in a field in Delaware Ohio covering the field and the biggest questions now are “where did the money come from” and “who’s money is it?”

Delaware Ohio police report that they found a large sum of money along U.S. Route 23 in a field. Police chief Russ Martin said that there were so many bills that it looked as if it was growing from the field.

The exact sum of money has not been released along with the exact location in which it was found. The reason for the secrecy is the hope that the rightful owner of the money will be able to disclose these details to police in order to regain their monetary loss.

Police are also telling citizens that all of the bills were retrieved so there is no hope of finding treasure in the field.

If anyone knows anything about the money, they are being urged to contact Delaware, Ohio police.

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