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50 Cent Under Fire For ‘Mocking’ Japan Tragedy; Apologizes On Twitter


Photo of Curtis 50 Cent Jackson
50 Cent has offered an apology for some insensitive remarks he made about the tragedy in Japan. 50 Cent was even called out by some of his twitter followers for not taking it seriously.

The rapper, actor, and businessman claims that he only posted the comments on twitter for shock value and whether we “hate it or love it,” 50 Cent claims “I’m cool anyways.”

On Friday, 50 Cent tweeted, “I had to evacuate my h-es from L.A., Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol.”

In another tweet, he mocked the threat for the destruction of the west coast saying, “Wave will hit 8am, them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing.”

Although 50 Cent offered an apology for his remarks, most still found his tweets very distasteful and expressed a hope that he would donate some of that hip hop money to help those that were affected.

As reported on HipHopRX.com, the death toll in following the Japan earthquake and tsunami has reached 14,000 and is steadily rising.

Other celebrities, such as Katy Perry, P. Diddy, Chris Brown, and others have already joined in an effort with American Red Cross to raise donations to offer Japan relief.

Lady Gaga joined in also with a Lady Gaga bracelet design donated to benefit Japan Tsunami relief efforts as well.

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