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Michelle Obama Becoming a Fashion Icon For Her Style Sense?! (Photos)


Michelle Obama Reed Krakoff RK Ribbon Large Tote handbag
It seems as though the first lady, Michelle Obama, is becoming one of the biggest iconic fashion queen’s of the 21st century? Read on for the full scoop on how Michelle Obama is well on her way to becoming just that!

Mrs. Obama is most notably recognized as ‘the people’s fashion icon’ because she mostly wears clothing that is affordable to the everyday American but can also go out in celeb fashion as well.

Media outlets can’t even report on the first lady without commenting on her wardrobe.

Just last Monday (March 7th), Mrs. Obama made news headlines after photos surfaced of her sporting a two-tone ribboned Reed Krakoff handbag worth almost $1,000.

Besides her fashion sense, Mrs. Obama is also known for her stance on healthy eating and exercise in young people. She now has a campaign running with Disney trying to promote the matter.

So as it seems, not only her husband is in the public eye, but also Michelle Obama as well.

Reportedly, Mrs. Obama wearing a designer’s clothing is a great benefit because a Michelle Obama endorsement can be worth more sales in the fashion industry.

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