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Japan Aftershocks Continue After Earthquake As Tsunami Waves Hit California


Japan is still trembling from aftershocks as a result of the massive 8.9 earthquake that shook the country on Friday (March 11).

Just minutes after the quake rocked the island of Japan, the unleashing of a huge tsunami began wreaking havoc across the globe, as reported on HipHopRX.com.

The U.S. National Weather Service quickly issued tsunami warnings for about 50 countries and territories that may lie in the path of the killer wave. Seven foot waves slammed into the Hawaiian islands causing minimal damage to piers and marinas.

The tsunami, over the weekend, made it’s way toward the U.S. West Coast. Locals from California to Alaska watched as waves ranging from 1 to 8 feet in height rolled on to shore. The highest wave measurement was recorded in Crescent City, California at 8.1 ‘ft.

The tsunami caused little damage in the U.S. but some countries weren’t so lucky.

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