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Celebrity Apprentice’s Richard Hatch Ordered Back To Prison Over Tax Evasion?


Celebrity Apprentice’s Richard Hatch has been ordered to return to jail for nine months for refusal to pay taxes on a 1 million dollar prize from the CBS network in 2000.

In 2009, Hatch was released from prison after serving three years for tax evasion. Hatch still owes an estimated 2 million dollars to the IRS.

Part of the conditions for Hatch’s release, was that the reality TV star was ordered to file 2000-2001 tax returns and hand over anything extra. Reportedly, Hatch failed to do so.

Judge William E. Smith reportedly told Hatch Friday that it wasn’t a complicated matter but Hatch simply made no effort to put any money into the governor’s coffers.

In addition to a nine month jail term, Hatch will also serve 26 months supervised release, during which the IRS will garnish 25% of his gross income.

Hatch will reportedly be turning himself in to the U.S. Marshals on Monday.

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