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Aretha Franklin Talks Weight Loss and Illness; Denies Having Gastric Bypass


Due to recent rumors of a gastric by-pass surgery, Aretha Franklin tells the host of Access Hollywood that she has ‘definitely not’ – and would not have gastric by-pass surgery.

The 68 year old ‘queen of soul’ admits to having a procedure that has contributed to her weight loss, but offers few clues as to what exactly it was.

Surgery helped Aretha lose 85 lbs., but not that type of surgery, apparently.

Aretha Franklin’s weight-loss is very mysterious and much talked about.

The only clue that Aretha Franklin offered is that it was “from the surgery I had, but it was definitely not the bariatic or, what is it, gastric by..”

Whatever the case, Aretha Franklin’s personal health is definitely getting personal but may remain just that.

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