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Golden Voiced Ted Williams, Daughter Fight Of Fame, Drinking: Dr Phil? (Photos)


Photos of Ted Williams and daughter Janey Williams
Ted Williams, the once homeless man, now made-famous for his golden voice which was captured on now viral video, was detained by LAPD last night in his hotel after getting into a loud shouting match, fight with one of his daughters, Janey Williams.

According to TMZ, Ted Williams, the now infamous golden voiced homeless man, was detained by LAPD police, for having a loud argument over money, with one of his daughters.

Ted Williams was staying at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA when hotel staff called police obviously because Ted Williams and his daughter were likely disturbing hotel guests with the noise from their loud argument, and alleged fight.

Reportedly, after being detained by LAPD, neither Ted Williams or his daughter, wanted to press charges so both were released from police custody.

In a DR. Phil interview on Entertainment Tonight (ET), Ted Williams says his daughter is trying to sell a story and ride his new-found fame and fortune ticket. Williams says his daughter attacked him, he never laid a hand on her and she was upset because he told her to shut the hell up and let him talk to her mother and his family, who were getting out of control at a family gathering.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ted Williams claims his daughter exploded when he told her to shut the hell up, while Janey claims her father is drinking again and called her fat.

Both Ted Williams and Janey Williams are set to appear on Dr. Phil this week.

In related news, Ted Williams has gotten several gigs including with MSNBC and made several numerous television appearances since being discovered on the streets holding a ‘homeless sign’ made of card board, with a note on it about his golden voice he was blessed with.

Ted Williams was videotaped talking out commercials in his golden voice, and the rest is history.

Watch video: Ted Williams Detained: “My Daughter Attacked Me!” Exclusive Interview

Watch video: Ted Williams – Homeless man with a golden voice

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