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Rihanna, Matt Kemp Break Up, No Longer Dating; Couple Splits Before New Year?!


When it was speculated that Rihanna broke up with baseball player Matt Kemp for possibly cheating, as reported on HipHopRx.com, it’s is now being reported that the two have called it quits after almost a year.

Earlier this month, although it was being rumored that Matt Kemp was cheating, a video that hit the Internet catapulted it even more. The video in question showed Matt Kemp being approached by an unknown woman who looked like she was preparing to go off with him, but Matt Kemp brushed her off and walked his separate way as if he didn’t know her while his friend got the digits.

Further in the video, Matt Kemp talked about Rihanna like she was a planet saying, ‘conquered that’ and we’re for sure this made many thoughts go through Rihanna’s head.

As for the new reports, it is stated it happened over the past few weeks and the reasoning for the break-up is that Kemp wants an ordinary relationship because Rihanna’s schedule is so hectic.

If Rihanna wasn’t busy, we’d have to question that, don’t you think?

Reportedly, Rihanna and Matt Kemp’s relationship was never really serious to start and it was a young and fun thing.

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