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Man Kills Wife In Sex Fantasy Game Death; Freaky Role Playing Gone Bad (Photo)


Seems that a sex fantasy game went terribly wrong for a 23 year-old Oklahoma man after he placed a gun up to his wife’s head which he believed to have been unloaded. The result — a sex fantasy death.

According to reports, Arthur Sedille, 23, told police this wasn’t the first time that his wife Rebecca Sedille, 50, and he would participate in a little intimate role-playing game.

What Arthur Sedille claims is that he didn’t know the gun was loaded that he had pressed up to her head during a night of wild sex on December 21st. Arthur is stated to have pressed the gun to her head and pulled the slide back.

Rebecca Sedille unfortunately died as a result and laid lifeless in a pool of blood as he called 911 about the shooting which was listed as accidental on an affidavit.

As for Arthur Sedille, he was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder although formal charges had not been filed.

This should be a warning for others to get a plastic gun at the toy store instead.


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