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Food vs. Sex: Women Think More About Food Than They Do Sex?!


So, you’re with your girlfriend or wife and you’re dressed to kill, or wearing her favorite cologne and you’re wondering is she thinking what you’re thinking. Well chances are if she’s hungry then she’s not.

According to a new survey, women think more about food than sex. Hmmmm.. More details after the jump.

According to statistics taken in a diet survey by Shape Smart, 25% of women think about food every half an hour and that’s compared to only 10% of women who think about sex.

Even more on the subject, as reported on Daily Mail, results of over 5000 women and men revealed that 60% of women in relationships are not happy eating in front of their man, 50% are shy of getting dressed in front of their man, 40% feel their constantly dieting, and 13% of women eat something that’s low-calorie instead of what they would really like to be eating.

So in this food vs. sex question, it really isn’t the desire they’re looking for that makes them think more about food but instead it would seem to some people that this survey reveals fears more than desires of women. Hmmm.

Yet still, it would seem apparently women think more about food than sex.

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