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Miley Cyrus New Racy Photos, Pictures Leaked After Smoking Bong Controversy


America’s sweetheart Miley Cyrus is all grown up and letting the whole world know it! Shocking new photos surface making us wonder how sweet the former Disney star really is. If you want to know more just take a peek inside.

18 year old Miley Cyrus, formerly of the Disney show Hannah Montana, has been the topic of much gossip over the last few weeks including supposed naked cellphone pictures leaked, and a smoking bong controversy. Following the smoking salvia bong photo that leaked Dec. 10, Miley was again caught, on camera, doing some not so G rated activities.

Actress/musician Miley Cyrus is seen in not one, but three photos showing that she is no longer a little girl but a very sexual young woman.

In the first photo, a seemingly stunned Cyrus watches as another woman puts her mouth to Miley’s scantily clad chest.

In the next picture, we see Cyrus lifting her shirt nearly exposing her left breast to show the camera her tattoo while standing in a group of barely dressed men. Last of all, Miley is seen licking her lips provocatively in what looks to be no clothing at all.

So it seems that the once sweet little girl is gaining just a little bit of spice.

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