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Springfield, Il Mayor Timothy Davlin Found Shot Dead, Suicide or Homicide?!


Photo of Springfield, Illinois Mayor Timothy J. Davlin, 1957 - 2010
Springfield, Illinois’ Mayor Timothy J. Davlin is reported to have been found dead on Tuesday morning after failing to appear for a court appearance. The mayor was found inside his home from a gun shot wound which was reportedly self-inflicted.

Timothy Dalvin was expected to be in court for an estate case on Tuesday which involved his late cousin and had been removed when he didn’t show up. His failure to show resulted in him failing to meet the deadline for the financial accounting on the estate.

Dalvin was found after authorities received a 911 call that shots had been fired at his address and when police arrived, they found Mayor Timothy Davlin unresponsive.

Meanwhile, local authorities in Springfield state they do not have all the details available as they are still investigating and the case has been turned over to Illinois State Police.

Mayor Davlin is stated to have been hit with a tax lien against his home for unpaid taxes on $90,000 for the years 2003 and 2005-2006.


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