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Steven Tyler Says ‘If Miley Cyrus Is Smoking Salvia, Tell Her To Call Me’


Picture of Steven Tyler Aerosmith Asks Miley Cyrus To Call Him
Rock star and frontman of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler seems to be wondering what is salvia and why is Miley Cyrus smoking it. The country music star and television character Miley Cyrus most known for playing Hannah Montana (which premiered it’s final season on July 11, 2010) was video taped days after turning 18 smoking a substance in a bong which has been reported as salvia.

According to TMZ, Steven Tyler sounded more concerned as a parent than being the rock legend he is as he was being escorted to his car. In a video Tyler was asked by TMZ’s paparazzi had he ever smoke salvia and his response was, “What is that?”

“That was that stuff Miley Cyrus was smoking,” responded back the paparazzi. “I don’t know what that is, I never heard of it. If Miley is smoking that, tell her to call me,” added Steven Tyler.

Seems this entire drama of Miley Cyrus has maybe driven her parents apart due to both having their different views allegedly at parenting and keeping the star under wraps. Sounds a little like Lilo’s (Lindsay Lohan) parents who also have their different take on child-rearing.

Maybe Steven Tyler can give Miley a little advice after having his own battles with drugs.

Does Steven Tyler sound concerned or interested in the video? Hmmm.

Video: Steven Tyler To Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia Bong

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