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Miley Cyrus Smoking Bong Footage Follows Cellphone Pictures Leak (Photos)


Picture of Miley Cyrus Smoking A Bong
Nashville’s shining star Miley Cyrus has been caught smoking a bong a few days after celebrating turning 18. On last week, the Hannah Montana star allegedly had her cellphone stolen and nude photos released, as reported on HipHopRx.com.

Since her bong incident, it brings to question her ties with national brands and how her recent actions look, especially with her young teen and young adult women following. One thing is for sure, her father Billy Ray Cyrus is not happy about Miley Cyrus’ smoking video — says that he’s sad at seeing the video.

As for the bong smoking incident, Miley Cyrus can clearly be seen taking a puff of an unknown substance which many believe is marijuana or the herb salvia.

For those who do not know what salvia is, it is a psychoactive plant which changes the perception, mood, behavior and more. Salvia is legal in most states, however there are many states that view it as illegal and invoke a punishment of a class B misdemeanor for those caught.

Maybe this is the best time for some intervening before she gets to the edge.

Miley Cyrus Smoking Bong Video

Miley Cyrus Smoking Bong Pictures
Picture of Miley Cyrus Smoking A Bong Photo of Miley Cyrus after Smoking A Bong Photos of Miley Cyrus Smoking A Bong: Before and After

Miley Cyrus Cellphone Pictures Leak (Photos)
Photo of Miley Cyrus in a robeMiley Cyrus Bares It All Strips Down - Photo

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