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Travis Barker Teams Up With H20′s Toby Morse To Help Tackle Drugs At Schools


Photo of Travis Barker and Toby Morse
Multi-talented musician and drummer Travis Barker is looking to do something positive for youth today by teaming up with One Life One Chance organization. The star along with FSAS (Famous Stars and Straps) is working with Toby Morse (H20) who heads One Life One Chance to help promote healthy lifestyles through a number of actions.

Through the initiative, Travis Barker will be donating musical instruments and more to schools who are in need and who have music programs that are suffering. Barker will also be donating clothing through his company FSAS.

Travis Barker says that he’s glad to help the organization and what Toby stands for and what’s he doing for the schools.

“It’s really cool to see a positive role model that kids can look up to and see that he’s just like them and it’s not a huge generation gap or a huge disconnect,” states Travis Barker.

One Life One Chance will be tackling drugs and alcohol in hopes of showing teens and young adults that they can be cool and respected without relying on drugs and alcohol.

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