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Teen Pop Star Justin Bieber’s Mom Cancels Cellphone For Talking Back To Her


Picture of teen Pop star Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Bieber is probably one of the best entertainment industry moms that a child could ask for. Just because Justin Bieber is famous, Pattie Bieber isn’t going to let him slide especially when it comes to being rebellious and talking back to her.

Justin Bieber told U.K. TV and radio journalist DJ Fearne Cotton that he loves him mom, she’s awesome and thinks that every parent argues with their son. The star says he’s thankful that his mom gets to travel with him 24/7, but sometimes he needs a break.

The teen Pop star admitted that he got a little cocky with his mom after they got into an argument.

Justin Bieber didn’t say exactly what it was, but said it was something stupid.

So what did Pattie Bieber do? Demanded he give her his phone. Justin Bieber didn’t give it to her, so she called up the cellphone company and had it cancelled.

Justin Bieber must didn’t want her to see what some of those naughty little girls been texting him and saying.

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