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Hip Hop Legend Kurtis Blow Denies Reports of ‘Weed Bust’ By New TSA Scanners

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Photo of Kurtis Blow
Legendary Hip Hop artist Kurtis Blow has come forth to deny reports that he was busted for weed. The 51 year-old rapper turned minister, took to his Twitter to make his statement, in which he stated that it was not true and TMZ is bugging.

Kurtis Blow also said, “Isn’t weed legal in California?”

The hip hop pioneer who’s most known for his rap song “The Breaks” seemed to be tickled that he has gotten over 500 Twitter followers since the story.

Kurtis Blow was allegedly given a violation ticket due to being ‘busted’ with less than an ounce of weed by the new TSA scanners, as reported on HipHopRx.com.

Meanwhile E! news reports that an airport spokesperson backs the story, and says the TSA pat-down procedure found the weed.


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