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Nicki Minaj Cries, Gets Real Personal In New MTV Documentary ‘My Time Now’

Hip Hop

Picture of rapper Nicki Minaj during My Time Now documentary
Rapper Nicki Minaj, who was just in headlines for addressing Lil Kim on a recent comment in which Lil Kim accussed Nicki Minaj of slickly trying to take jabs at her, is set to be appear in a documentary on MTV which premieres Friday.

In the documentary “My Time Now,” the female rapper talks about her mother who left her for two years and her move from Trinadad to America. Nicki Minaj says when she arrived in America it was the first time she had seen snow and she was expecting to live in a castle and have a white picket fence like a fairy tale, but this is not what she received. Instead, Nicki Minaj says she arrived at an apartment with the furniture stacked on top of each other and heard nothing but arguing and lived with a crack addict father. In turn, this had her nervous growing up and she knew that this wasn’t right.

The hot hip hop artist got teary-eyed when she was asked about her late grandmother and if her grandmother would be proud of her. Nicki Minaj nodded her head and soon after begin dabbing her eyes with her fingers to wipe away tears.

Nicki Minaj’s new emotional documentary “My Time Now” is scheduled to premiere Friday, November 28th on MTV at 10 pm.

Definitely something to look forward to.

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