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Lindsay Lohan Gets More Rehab, Scared About Career; May Let Dad Visit Clinic (Photos)


Photo of Michael Lohan and Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to more rehab at her court date on Friday (Oct 22) after violating her probation in September and must stay at the Betty Ford Clinic until January 3.

Judge Elden Fox ordered her to remain in the clinic until after the holidays so there wouldn’t be another train wreck.

As previously reported on HipHopRx.com, Lindsay Lohan tried to jump the fence with an accomplice to get a swig of coke.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan seems to be worried about her career which has been unfolding since 2007. The young starlet sought out help and voluntarily checked into rehab.

Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan is afraid rehab will make her financially poor and kill her career.

The actress also says that since she’s in rehab, her clothing line 6126 is falling apart from her not being able to keep track of and observe the product. In addition, Lindsay Lohan gave reasoning why she shouldn’t be in rehab such as being scheduled in November to work on a movie where she stars in the biopic movie Inferno directed by Matthew Wilder as the late adult-film performer Linda Lovelace, star of 1970′s movie Deep Throat.

Lindsay Lohan will play Linda Lovelace who ended her career in the porn industry and became an anti-pornography spokesperson. In Linda Lovelace’s autobiography, she states that her sadistic first husband forced her into the career and she was afflicted with abuse, prostitution, rape and more.

According to the director, in a statement, he states that he plans to stand by Lindsay Lohan and they are not replacing her.

As for Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael Lohan, who was assaulted the day before her court day last Friday, he may very well get his wishes of reuniting with his daughter.

According to reports, the only reason she may let him visit her is because he’s been bothering her about seeing him. Michael Lohan has even agreed not to make public statements about his family and ex-wife Dina who he claims is not looking out for their troubled daughter and is instead trying to capitalize off her. Her father stated previously that he’s looking for someone to look after Lindsay Lohan’s well-being and to guide her life and career and not with their hands. Dina Lohan had banned Michael Lohan from seeing his troubled daughter while in rehab with the consent of Lindsay.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan is due back in court on February 25, 2011 and will be administered drug tests between her departure and her return to see the judge.
Photo of Michael Lohan and Lindsay Lohan Photo of Lindsay Lohan and dad Michael Lohan

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