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Lindsay Lohan Attempts To Escape Rehab To Get Coke By Jumping Fence?!


Picture of actress Lindsay Lohan
Seems that Lindsay Lohan may need more than rehab if she continues at the rate that she’s going. The actress and singer had a coke craving and was willing to do anything to get it.

Coke craving? Yes, the soda pop. Unfortunately the plan that her and a companion cooked up didn’t turn out as they planned. According to Splash, the two tried to sneak over the fence at the rehabilitation center to get to the vending machine at Eisenhower Medical Center.

It seems that Lindsay Lohan’s buddy snagged her clothing on a fence which trapped her and made her surrender to a Betty Ford volunteer who luckily passed by in a golf cart at the right time.

Lindsay Lohan was driven back to the caffeine free center where they interrupted a meeting that was organized to discuss the two caffeine junkies actions.

Lindsay Lohan has been at Betty Ford Clinic since September 27 for violating probation and a failed drug test and she has a few more days and will have to see the Judge again on October 22.

We’re sure the judge isn’t going to like to hear the report that Lindsay Lohan attempted to leave the facility and went as far as to attempt jumping over the fence to satisfy her cravings despite almost messing up the entire rehabilitation treatment.

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