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Jean-Claude Van Damme Struck By Heart Attack Day After 50th Birthday


Photo of Jean Claude Van Damme
‘The Muscles from Brussels’ Belgian actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme suffered from a mild heart attack on the set of the film ‘Weapon’ while on-location in New Orleans on Tuesday.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is most known from the movies Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Timecop, Universal Soldier, amongst others.

According to reports, Jean-Claude Van Damme born Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenber, collapsed during filming one day after his 50th birthday (Oct. 18th) and was admitted to a local hospital, and later returned to his hometown in Brussels, Belgium to fully recover with his wife, actress and former body builder Gladys Portugues.

Currently the actor is stated to be in good health and the movie has been put on hold until further notice.

The movie was being shot in Romania prior to moving to New Orleans for a three day shoot.

In the movie “Weapon,” Jean-Claude Van Damme plays the character Brazil who is an assassin. Brazil must join with rival assassins in a mission to take down a DEA-backed drug cartel.

The movie also stars martial artist Scott Adkins, Valentin Teodosiu, Alin Panc, Kevin Chapman, Serban Celea, Michael Higgs and more.

“Weapon” is expected to release sometime in 2011.

In other news, it is believed that Van Damme’s past lifestyle has caught up with him due to the fact that in the 90′s Jean-Claude suffered from cocaine addiction which begin in 1993 during the filming of “Sudden Death.” The actor sought treatment a few years later and entered a rehabilitation program for a mere one week. In the late 90′s, he was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder after suffering from low points and near suicide.

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