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Miami Police BUSTED, Rapper Jay-Z Gangs Ad Exposed! Oops! (Photos)


Photo of Jay-Z Miami Police Department Anti-Gang Ad
The Miami Police Department says that Jay-Z was not targeted intentionally in an anti-gang advertisement that has caused quite a stir, after the hip hop music mogul was depicted in the ad.

“It was something that was inadvertently done”, says Kenia Reyes to EW.

According to sources, Jay Z’s representative had no comment on the issue at this time. This is very stereotypical and a huge mistake for the Miami Police Dept.

According to Miami New Times, they are still waiting for an explanation as to why they thought Jay Z would be a good candidate for the anti-gang banner.

The advertisement is a banner of five apparent gang members; one being Jay Z and two others were modeled after Jay Z.

What is there to think about this situation? How would/should a person feel or respond if they were Jay Z? Hmmmm..?

Photo of jay z illuminati Photo of Jay-Z Miami Police Department Anti-Gang Ad

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