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Microsoft Wants The Government To Control Internet Access With Licensing?!


Photo of Government Internet Licensing - Scott Charney
Seems that Microsoft is reportedly proposing to the government to control who’s computer accesses the internet as well as possibly the websites you access.

A top Microsoft executive, Scott Charney, who reportedly was at the ISSE 2010 PC safety conference in Berlin yesterday, is apparently proposing to the government that it should control which computers connect to the Internet based on if it is infected — to prevent malware attacks. What this means is that the government would be in control of who could connect to the Internet and an appointed call center hired by the government would be responsible for contacting you — to let you know that you are infected. Supposedly, they would make sure that the infected computer is “quarantined” by government order and not allowed to access the Internet until it is infection free.

Scott Charney reportedly wants to mirror public health safety laws and apply them to the Internet. So if you haven’t gotten your PC check-up and verified as clean, you would be ‘out of luck.’ This seemingly would include servers too.

With the new licensing system, internet users would have to get a license ID and this is what would give them the ability to access the Internet.

It sounds somewhat good to get rid of the bad guys who are distributing the malware and viruses, but should it be left up to the government to decide if internet users connect or not to the Internet?

According to Charney, there would be firms and authorities who would “track and control” a an internet user’s computer just like those with infectious diseases.

So now there are questions such as… how would a person clean their computer if they don’t have access to software available online? Is this a way for Microsoft to capitalize off those who use their OS with third party companies? How would the user download the anit-virus or spyware removal software since there would have to be some type of server where the user downloads the software from, inorder for them to clean their computer without connecting to the entire Internet? Also, would this be somewhat like ISP giant Comcast who provides their software when your connection is disconnected but you’re still able to download it and install it on your computer to reactivate your account and run checks on your system?

From what sources are saying, there will be security updates like the patches with your OS and computer well-checks.

Now, how would ISPs benefit since they are the ones controlling the broadband connections? It’s for certain that if a person can’t connect to the Internet, they would probably be unhappy about paying for service.

Seems that Microsoft is trying to get the US Government to follow in the footsteps of Japan who’s Japan’s Cyber Clean Center works with ISPs. The Cyber Clean Center looks for anything that pertains to that of a botnet, cleans the computers that is infected and tries to prevent it from being re-infected.

So what’s in store for the future and the internet and does this sound like a positive move? Only time will tell.


Photo of Government Internet Licensing - Scott Charney

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