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Bishop Eddie Long ‘Abusive’ To Ex-Wife?! New Pictures, Allegations (Photos)


Picture of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Bishop Eddie Long
When you thought there wasn’t more in the Bishop Eddie Long sex abuse scandal. The ex-wife of the church leader, Dabara S. Houston-Long, who married him 1981 and later divorced from the marriage him in 1985, claimed that he was a vicious and violent man.

Divorce papers for the ex-couple claimed that he physically abused her when she was seven months pregnant with their child. Dabara Houston-Long also claimed that he had a violent and vicious temper which is why she left the broken marriage for the safety of her son, Edward Long who reportedly now is New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s youth director for junior and senior high ministries.

Meanwhile, Bishop Eddie Long’s attorney seems furious that the past legal case is being brought up in this sex abuse scandal.

In an interview with ABC News, Dabara S. Houston-Long’s brother Lonnie Houston, stated that his sister pretty much stays to herself and that he wasn’t obscured to her abuse allegations.

Just this week, two of the four young men who have accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion, have publicly spoken to TV stations. Jamal Parris first spoke on Tuesday evening to FOX Atlanta, which was later followed by the fourth accuser, Spencer LeGrande, on Wednesday to WSB-TV.

All the men claim that as teens Long first used his leadership role as means to gain their trust and portrayed himself as a father figure in the absence of their own fathers. When the young men became of legal age, they allege Long then lured them for sexual favors with gifts, luxury hotels, jets, cars and more.

According to Bishop Eddie Long on Tuesday during a church service, the pastor stated that if he thought the people believed the celebrity, entertainment and news media, he would be scared to show and look at them. He added that there’s something in him bigger than the situation and even called it a “spiritual warfare.”

More news on Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal

Video: Fourth Accuser Spencer LeGrande Opens Up About Bishop Eddie Long

Video: Bishop Eddie Long Accuser: Jamal Parris Speak About the Pastor

Check out the pictures including mug shot photos of Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal accusers, alleged victims Anthony Flagg and Maurice Robinson, plus Spencer Legrande and Jamal Parris:

Photo - Anthony Flagg Mugshot Picture (Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Accuser) Photo - Maurice Robinson Mugshot Picture (Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Accuser) Photo - Spencer Legrande Picture (Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Accuser)
Photo - Jamal Parris Picture (Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Accuser)

Check out the cellphone photos of Bishop Eddie Long.. these are the reported cell phone pictures that were allegedly sent to his accusers:
Photo of Bishop Eddie Long taking photos on his cellphone in the bathroom Photo of Bishop Eddie Long taking picture wearing spandex in bathroom

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