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George Lopez Divorces From 17 Yr Marriage With Wife Who Donated Him A Kidney


Photo of George Lopez and Ann Lopez
Comedian and late night show host George Lopez and his wife, Ann of seventeen years are divorcing. The entertainer and his wife released a statement which vaguely painted a picture as to why the two are getting a divorce, but stated that the decision was amicable and by mutual agreement.

The statement issued for George Lopez and his wife also stated that the two will remain dedicated parents to their daughter Mayan, 15, as well as partners who are committed to their business and philanthropic organization, The Lopez Foundation.

Meanwhile, George Lopez will always have his wife with him due to him having one of her kidneys.

According to reports, Ann gave George Lopez one of her kidneys to him in 2005.

George Lopez suffers from a genetic condition which made his kidneys deteriorate.

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