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Adrienne Simmons Dead From Knockout Kick To Head At Kickboxing Fight (Photos)


Photo of Kickboxer Adrienne Simmons
Thirty-four year old female kickboxer, Adrienne Simmons, is dead after a sudden blow to the head which knocked her unconscious on Sunday, July 25, 2010. Simmons was fighting against opponent Lindsay Scheer in a kickboxing match in Orlando, Florida at an International Kickboxing event for amateurs when the incident happened.

The female kick boxer was struck with a left hook which knocked her unconscious during the final round of a three-round bout. Simmons was assisted by doctors who treated after getting knocked out. During that time, Adrienne Simmons was stated to have been able to talk and sit-up and also briefly got up before collapsing. Adrienne Simmons was taken to an Orlando hospital and would die two days later on July 27th.

According to Eric Haycraft, who trains both Linsday Scheer and Adrienne Simmons’ boyfriend Chike Ajuda, he is stating that there was no ambulance readily available which may have helped to contribute to her death. Simmons boyfriend Ajuda adds that it took more than 30 minutes to get her on a gurney to be airlifted.

The President of the International Kickboxing Federation, Steve Fossom, states that there should be an ambulance on-call and evidently the day of that fight, one was not present.

Sadly, it took over an hour until Adrienne Simmons received the medical attention that she much needed.

Photo of Kickboxer Adrienne Simmons Picture of Kick boxer Adrienne Simmons Photo of Kick boxer Adrienne Simmons training

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