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Paris Hilton Arrested, Busted With Weed?!


Picture of Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton allegedly was arrested recently for marijuana possession after being detained by police at Figari Airport in Corsica.

According to Paris Hilton via her Twitter she denies any such allegations and says she’s sick up people making up rumors.

Reports claim that a few weeks ago before this incident, her friend was busted for carrying weed while in Africa attending the World Cup. This time, instead of finding it on her friend, they allegedly found some marijuana in her handbag, less than an ounce on Friday.

Dogs reportedly were brought in by officers within customs and they are the ones who made the discovery after she landed. Those good ol’ dog sniffers.

Authorities are stated to have held Paris Hilton for around 30 minutes or so and gave her a good lecture before letting her go on her merry way to Italy. No charges are stated to have been filed against her.

So is that the reason she’s denying it?! Hmmm?

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