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Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Do Jail Time; Will Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation


Photo of Lindsay Lohan crying in court during sentencing
Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan was sentenced for not taking things seriously on Tuesday after the judge gave her so many chances to get her act together.

The actress was sentenced after she allegedly thumbed her nose at the court. According to reports, a prosecutor by the name of Danette Meyers informed the judge of Lindsay Lohan’s behavior even though this isn’t what actually caused her to get sentenced

Lindsay seemed to have violated her probation after she didn’t attend her ed classes for her alcohol outlined by the judge. According to the Judge, Lohan has had a number of violations since being placed on probation in 2007 for her DUI case.

If you hear it from Lindsay, she says she did the best she could, but the judge apparently has had enough of the excuses as she cried while the order was announced.

Lindsay Lohan’s 90 day sentence will reportedly be approximately around 22 days since she is a non-violent offender, according to reports. (30 days reckless driving, 30 days for DUI, 30 days for reckless driving case)

The actual number of days that Lindsay Lohan will serve will be determined after the Judge hands down the court order.

Lindsay Lohan returns back to court to turn herself in on July 20, 2010.

Photo of Lindsay Lohan crying in court during sentencing

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