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New Gary Coleman Will Surfaces; Ex-Wife Sold Hospital Pictures To Tabloids?!


Picture of Gary Cole and Shannon Price
After Gary Coleman’s former co-star Todd Bridges from the late 70′s show Diff’rent Strokes stated he had a valid will dating back to 1999, it is now revealed that another will has come into the picture from 2007.

According to RadarOnline, the 2007 will is expected to be filed in court this week and it supersedes the 1999 will which named Gary Coleman’s ex-manager Dion Mial as executor of the estate.

Attorney Kent Alderman told Radar that a person has up to three years after the death of a person to come forth with another will.

Gary Coleman died after sustaining a head injury which left him on life support on May 28 in Utah, as reported on HipHopRX.com. The plug was pulled on the actor just one day later by his ex-wife.

Meanwhile, Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price allegedly has sold off photos of Gary Coleman’s last moment while in the hospital to tabloids to possibly make a few quick bucks reports are stating. The late Gary Coleman’s mother, Edmonia Sue Coleman, is very distraught about the situation and told celebrity gossip site TMZ that her actions are “extremely disrespectful.”

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